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How to request a quote for a sanitation project in Africa

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Request a quote on our site

The first step to get a free quote for a sanitation project in Africa, simply make a request on our website . Your request will be handled quickly by our team of experts in sanitation and we guarantee a response as soon as possible.

Sanitation Septic tank tricel novo

How does the Tricel Novo wastewater treatment work?

The Tricel Novo wastewater treatment plant is an individual compact sanitation system. This one is composed of 3 compartments within it.
The first, the primary settling compartment. This compartment is used for pre-treatment of water and separation of solids, grease and wastewater.

The second, the oxygenation compartment allows to absorb impurities wastewater through a bacterial base. It will feed on impurities and absorb effluents.

The last compartment is that of clarification. This last step makes it possible to treat the residual sludge and to bring them back into the first compartment thanks to an Airlift system.

Once the treatment is completed, the water can be released into the natural environment.

Steps of a project with Tricel

Making contact with our technician

The second step is making contact with our technician in charge of your non-collective or semi-collective sanitation project. He will contact you quickly to find out more about your project:

  • Detail of your project (in which country of Africa, for how many people etc.).
  • Define the priority of the project.
  • Offer logistics solutions.

Analysis of the project

Your sanitation project will then be studied by the technician in charge of your project. This will determine the best solution for your project. It will also determine the feasibility of your project.

Send a quote

The quote will then be sent to you detailing the price of the product as well as the price of the transport. A manual will also be sent to explain the installation of our products. This unique quote will only be valid for a specified period. Several quotes can be sent if the projects are different.

Validation of the quote and sending material

If the quote is right for you, you can directly contact your technician who will launch the sending process. The time of manufacture and transport will depend on the availability of the products as well as the place of delivery.

Sanitation system The range available for Africa

The wastewater treatment plant is an individual and semi-collective sanitation system ideal for your export projects. Simple robust and reliable product, the wastewater treatment plant is a compact product easily transportable. In addition, thanks to a vat room of excellent quality, this product makes it possible to withstand climatic hazards.

This product, Tricel Novo is a wastewater treatment plant, it allows an optimal treatment of your wastewater. Easy to maintain, this product is designed to last over time.

This product is suitable for individual residences, small subdivisions or businesses such as restaurants, lodges, campsites etc.

How to define the size of your sanitation? In the first place you need to look at the local regulations that apply in your region, country. If they exist, they can give you a clear indication of what to do. If this is not the case, it will be necessary to estimate according to the nature of your project, its size and occupation.

For all requests do not hesitate to request a quote, our team of technicians will study your request

Tricel Novo

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More details

Optimal geographic coverage

Thanks to its presence in several countries in Europe and South America, Tricel offers you optimal geographical coverage for your projects in Africa. A personalized offer is thus proposed for each of your projects.

Partnership Request

Are you a professional resident in Africa and would like to develop the Tricel brand in your country or region? Contact us to develop an exclusive contract.
Tricel is looking for partners:

  • In the Maghreb.
  • In East Africa.
  • In West Africa.
  • In South Africa.

Be part of a network of exclusive, dynamic partners who will work with you to grow your business locally. We can also help you for a development project in Africa if you are a foreign company with punctual projects on the continent.

For all requests for partnership with Tricel, contact us directly and we will take care of your request as soon as possible.


Tricel is a company that has been providing sanitation solutions for over 60 years. Historically based in Ireland, our company has grown in Europe and provides sanitation solutions in more than 50 countries. Our company also has a leading position in the European wastewater treatment market with its flagship product, Tricel Novo. With more than 35,000 installations in France and Europe, this product is considered one of the references in wastewater treatment plants.
If you wish to have more information you can consult our corporate website.

Key Features

Reliable & long-lasting

SMC tank, strong & lightweight

Fast delivery

Manufactured in Ireland, short lead time


CE certification EN12566- 3, EN12566-1 and S.R.66

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